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Hayami Mocomichi (速水もこみち)

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Hayami Mokomichi's Upcoming Events

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New Hayami Mokomichi's Theme :D

Newly added Hayami Mokomichi's Phone theme
(for Sony Ericsson Phones only)
Download it here :


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Hayami Mokomichi's News on Livedoor 2009 :D
More Information:


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Hayami Mocomichi in EXILE / 優しい光 :D

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[video out on 16/7/2009]

Hayami Mokomichi made his music video debut in ‘優しい光 / Yasashi Hikari’,
which is included in the new single ‘THE HURRICANE~FIREWORKS~’ (to be released on July 22nd)
by the 14-man vocal-dance group EXILE. The song is a quiet, rueful ballad.

Hayami and the actress Ichikawa Yui play the role of a couple
that gradually starts to drift apart. None of the EXILE members appear in the video.

Hayami seemed nervous during the filming, and so when it ended
he commented “I’m glad it’s over.” He added with a smile “I hope my acting fits the song.”
Apparently all the EXILE members were very impressed with how serious the two actors had
played their roles, and were wholly satisfied with the results.



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Hayami Mokomichi's 2009 Edwin Jeans :D

[Watch the video on Moko's Edwin Jeans 2009 above :D & Please click HQ]

Hayami Mokomichi is like so hot when he
took all those photos :D


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