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Hayami Mocomichi (速水もこみち)

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WRITTEN BY Lihuijapanlove ON Sunday, June 28, 2009 { 0 comments }
Moko in Oshareism on 28/6/2009!

This part OMG they were shaking hands for
one minute!

Miki Ando (on the left of the pic) is a Japanese figure skater.
She is the 2007 World Figure Skating Champion, the 2004-2005
Japanese National Champion and the 2004 World Junior Champion.

Miki Ando is the first and only female skater to complete
a quadruple jump successfully in competition.

She accomplished this at the 2001-2002 Junior Grand Prix Final.
OMG she's a pro skater, so talented :D

Miki Ando is also a fan of hayami mokomichi!,if i am not wrong
the company specially invited hayami mokomichi for her :D
For more information,Please watch the video below :D

OMG I envied her,i want to see hayami mokomichi
in real person too ):

[Watch the video on Moko in Oshareism on 28/6/2009 & Pleaseclick HQ]


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